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Where is Hillcrest?

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Hillcrest is located in southeast Washington. The official boundaries are defined by a line beginning at the intersection of 31st Street, SE and Pennsylvania Avenue, extending southeastward along Pennsylvania Avenue SE to the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue, SE and the District of Columbia boundary line (at Southern Avenue, SE); extending southwestward along that District Line to the intersection of that line with Naylor Road, SE; extending northward along Naylor Road, SE to the intersection of Naylor Road, SE with 27th Street, SE; from thence in a straight line running eastward through the park to reach the upper point of 31st Street, SE and then following 31st Street, SE northward to the original intersection of 31st Street SE and Pennsylvania Avenue, SE said boundary to include both sides of 31st Street, SE including Randle Highlands Elementary School.
The most direct route to Hillcrest from downtown Washington is straight out Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E., over the Sousa Bridge. Continue on Pennsylvania Ave. up the hill, past the the historic old firehouse, Engine Co. 19. Turn right on Branch Avenue, a street lined with arching trees and proud colonial-style homes. Continuing south on Branch Avenue, turn left or right on any street before Southern Avenue to explore the beautiful neighborhood of Hillcrest.

The Ideal Home Community

Hillcrest is a community of rolling hills, manicured lawns, red brick colonials and ramblers. The Penn-Branch and Hillcrest neighborhoods are full of civic-minded, people, who love their neighborhoods. The communities of Hillcrest and Penn-Branch, which were once considered suburbs of Washington, D.C., are often referred to as the best-kept secrets of Washington.

Hillcrest and Penn-Branch are conveniently located, only three miles from the Capitol. Most of Hillcrest has an altitude of approximately 300 feet above sea level, higher than most of Washington. The pure air assured by this altitude, in combination with numerous mature trees, parks, green spaces, and unusually large lots, make these neighborhoods a more comfortable environment than most other Washington area neighborhoods, especially during the hot summer months.

Overlooking the Capitol on the northwest and Oxon Run Valley, Maryland, on the southeast, the drives and scenery of Hillcrest are a source of pleasure to motorists and walkers alike. The surroundings are becoming more attractive each year with the well kept lawns and gardens, along with the natural beauty of the oaks, maples and dogwoods which flourish in Washington. Bus transportation is convenient. Metro bus service provides direct transportation to and from downtown or Potomac Avenue Metro. The Naylor Road Metro stop is in easy walking distance from Hillcrest.

What's Nearby

Recreation Centers
Post Offices
DC Government Servicess


Anne Beers Elementary
3600 Alabama Avenue, SE
(202) 645-3240

Randle Highlands Elementary
1650 30th Street, SE
(202) 645-3282

Winston Educational Center
3100 Erie Street, SE
(202) 645-3300

For additional information on D.C. Public Schools, consult the D.C. Government Blue Pages of your telephone book. or visit www.k12.dc.us


Church of Jesus Christ, Inc.
3456 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

New Redeemer Church of Christ
2613 30th Street, SE
(202) 582-8545

Dupont Park Seven Day Adventist Church
3985 Massachusetts Avenue, SE
(202) 583-7416

Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church
3000 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
(202) 581-1500

East Washington Heights Baptist Church
2220 Branch Avenue, SE
(202) 583-4811

Ryland Epworth United Methodist Church
3200 S Street, SE
(202) 582-4811

Lutheran Church of the Holy Comforter
3319 Alabama Avenue, SE
(202) 584-1597 or 582-1760

St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church
2800 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
(202) 584-5621

St. Timothy Episcopal Church
3601 Alabama Avenue, SE
(202) 582-7740


Francis A. Gregory Library
3660 Alabama Avenue, SE
(202) 645-4297

Anacostia Branch Library
1800 Good Hope Road, SE
(202) 698-1190

Recreation Centers

Hillcrest Recreation Center
32nd & Denver Streets, SE
(202) 645-9200

Fort Davis Recreation Center
1400 41st Street, SE
(202) 645-9212

Call recreation centers for information on programs and activities.
or visit the Department of Recreation at www.dpr.dc.gov

Post Offices

Frederick Douglas
2833 Alabama Avenue, SE

Fort Davis
3843 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

Randle Highlands
2341 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

For more information on post offices visit www.usps.com


Sixth District Precinct
100 42nd street, NE
(202) 698-0880

6th District Community Substation
2701 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
(202) 698-2088

Emergency 911

D.C. Government Services

at the Penn Branch Shopping Center:

Department of Motor Vehicles
D.C. Police Regional Command Center
Office of Finance and Revenue

DC Government Request Services (202) 727-1000

or www.dc.gov/citizen/request.shtm for the following services:

Visit the District of Columbia Government at www.dc.gov