Wild Critters of Hillcrest
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Deer, foxes, snakes, rabbits... in Washington DC!
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Hillcrest neigbors,
Do you have a digital camera? Do you enjoy taking pictures of backyard wildlife? We are fortunate to have a great variety of wildlife in Hillcrest-not only squirrels, birds, and raccoons, but the occasional fox, gopher, snake, an increasing number of rabbits, and others. Email me your best critter photo and I'll add it to the web page. Here are the rules: 1) only wild critters, no domestic critters; 2) they must be from the Hillcrest neighborhood or nearby (state where the photo was taken); 3) the photographer must be a member of the Hillcrest Community Civic Association. Please send no more than 2 photos with each email, although you can send more than one email. Lets have some fun!
Kathy Chamberlain, webmaster for www.HillcrestDC.com
kathychamberlain at HillcrestDC dot com (encoded to discourage spam)

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