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cvr1928.jpg (52350 bytes) ynot.jpg (183605 bytes)  pgone1928.jpg (205351 bytes) map1928.jpg (196273 bytes)
From the inaugural issue (June, 1928) of the Hillcrest Bulletin, an annual publication of the Hillcrest Citizens' Association. Thank you, former Hillcrest residents Sue and Eddie Reid, for donating this copy.

See present-day Hillcrest map

e19a.jpg (45316 bytes) e19b.jpg (68135 bytes)
Our Firehouse
Engine Co. 19, 2813 Pennsylvania Ave, SE
circa 1915
Read history of firehouse.

ghrd.jpg (64401 bytes) anahw50.jpg (55255 bytes) analiqu.jpg (25668 bytes)
Photos of Anacostia

pennbridge.jpg (138186 bytes)
17th & Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge, circa 1910
looking east of the Anacostia River
(currently called John Philip Sousa Bridge)

Photo is from the collection of Mildred Keen, long-time resident of the area who currently lives in Naylor Gardens. In the photo are Elsie and Max Weber, her aunt and uncle.

1724_30thSt.jpg (93401 bytes) RHighlands53.jpg (55255 bytes)
Randle Highlands house in 1938, and students of class of 1953 in from of Randle Highlands Elementary School

Many thanks to Ron Dunnington of Randle Highlands class of 53 and Anacostia High School class of 59 for providing these photos.

Pennsylvania and Minnesota Ave SE, 1945
Pennsylvania Ave and Minnesota Ave SE, Washington DC, 1945

2106_34th.jpg (93401 bytes)
2106 34th St SE, built around 1938. These photos show the house being painted and porch and other final touches being built.

2800Hillcrest.jpg (93401 bytes)
2800 block of Hillcrest Dr., SE. 1949 and 2008

See photos from the 1970's and later.
This is the beginning of a Hillcrest history page.    More will be added as residents explore their attics for photos, brochures, and written materials.  If you have materials on the history of Hillcrest and surrounding neighborhoods that you would like to share with your neighbors, please contact Jim Beyers or Kathy Chamberlain.  Check this page frequently!