Hillcrest Christmas Tree, December 13, 2014

Mayor Gray adds to the Christmas cheer at the lighting ceremony, Branch and Erie St

Volunteers Plant and Decorate the tree before the big day

Yvonne, Phil, Boyle digging the hole

Mr. Davis, Karen, Yvonne, Phil survey the area to plant the tree

Karen, Yvonne bring the tree from the truck

Phil, Boyle use the hole digger

Phil, De'Andre, Boyle win Planters of the Year

Boyle, Phil positioning the tree

De'Andre, Mr Davis making sure tree is secured with rocks

Boyle, Phil, Robin secure the tree

Lisa, Caleb check out the tree

Karen, Robin on ladders, Lisa placing ornaments on the tree

Robin, Karen decorating the tree from the top

Yvonne, Lisa, Robin, Karen decorating the tree

Lisa adding snowflakes to bare tree

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