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Hillcrest neighborhood - houses and neighborhood scenes
  Blizzards of February, 2010
  Presidents Day Snow Storm of 2003
  Christmas scenes
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Naylor Gardens neighborhood
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Hillcrest Civic Assoc. Meeting, January 8, 2011
Hillcrest Civic Assoc. Meetings, 2006
Hillcrest Civic Assoc. Meetings, 2005
Hillcrest Civic Assoc. Meetings, 2004
Hillcrest Civic Assoc. Meetings, 2003
Hillcrest Civic Assoc. Meetings, 2002
Hillcrest Community Service Awards, 2001
Hillcrest Civic Assoc. Meetings, 2001
Hillcrest Civic Assoc. Meetings, 2000
Hillcrest History
Old photos of our firehouse (circa 1915)
The Anacostia River
Inauguration of Mayor Williams 1999

Neighborhood Events
Halloween, 2015
Hillcrest Day, October 17, 2015
W Street Block Party, September 5, 2015
Lighting of the Hillcrest Christmas Tree, December 13, 2014
DC Federation of Civic Associations Award Luncheon, October 26, 2014
Hillcrest Day, October 18, 2014
HCCA 25th Anniversary Luncheon, September 23, 2014
See video created by Mr. Lateef Mangum in honor of the 25th Anniversary
20th Annual Hillcrest Garden Tour, June 15, 2013
Monte Carlo Night, July 13, 2013
Holiday in Hillcrest, December 8, 2012
Halloween 2012
W Street Block Part, October 6, 2012
Hillcrest participates in Palisades Parade, July 4, 2012
19th Annual Hillcrest Garden Tour, June 23, 2012
Hillcrestday, June 23, 2012
Walk to School Day, October 5, 2011
National Night Out, August 2, 2011
18th Annual Hillcrest Garden Tour, June 18, 2011
HCCA Holiday Luncheon, December 4, 2010
W Street Block Party, 9/18/2010
National Night Out, 8/3/2010
17th Annual Hillcrest Garden Tour, 6/19/2010
HCCA Annual Holiday Luncheon, 12/5/2009
W Street Block Party, 10/10/2009
HCCA 20th Anniversary Celebration, 9/12/2009
Video of Hillcrest Community Civic Associationís 20th Anniversary, 9/12/2009
HCCA Historical Slideshow, shown at 20th Anniversary Celebration
16th Annual Hillcrest Garden Tour, 6/6/2009
15th Annual Hillcrest Garden Tour, 6/14/2008
Holiday Decorating Contest, December, 2007
Leaf Collection Kickoff, 11/1/2007
Hillcrest-Palisades Neighbors Throught Art Celebration, 10/27/2007
Blessing of the Trees Festival, 9/1/2007
14th Annual Hillcrest Garden Tour, 6/16/2007
Westover Drive Block Party, 6/9/2007
13th Annual Hillcrest Garden Tour, 6/17/2006
Sam Williams receives HCCA Appreciation, 5/6/2006
Christmas Party at Hillcrest Rec. Center, 12/23/2005
HCCA Christmas Luncheon, Dec. 3, 2005
Parks and Rec. Cleanup, November 12, 2005
W Street Block Party, October 1, 2005
Westover Drive Block Party, September 17, 2005
Family Fun Day at Hillcrest Rec. Center, 8/20/2005
Twining Square Adopt-a-Park project
Hike through Fort Circle Park, 7/30/2005
National League of Cities Event at Hillcrest Rec. Center, 7/14/2005
Anti-litter awards at Anne Beers School, 6/21/2005
12th Annual Hillcrest Garden Tour, 6/18/2005
Hillcrest walking Tour 2005, 4/16/05
Annual Chili Cook-off 2005, 3/19/05
Hillcrest Community Center Grand Opening, 12/18/2004
Ft. Davis Community Center Grand Opening, 12/18/2004
HCCA Christmas Luncheon, 12/6/2004
W Street Block Party, 10/16/2004
15th Anniversary Celebration, 9/18/2004
11th Annual Hillcrest Garden Tour, 6/19/2004
Penn Ave Cleanup/beautification, 5/22/2004
Tree Planting at Penn Ave and 38th St SE, 3/13/2004
Grand Opening, Tropicana Jamaican Food, 11/6/03
W Street Block Party, October 2003
Hurricane Isabel, September 2003
National Night Out at Naylor Gardens, 8/5/2003
Presidents Day Snow Storm of Feb. 2003
Hillcrest marches in Palisades Parade, 7/4/2003
10th Annual Hillcrest Garden Tour, 6/14/2003
Groundbreaking for New Hillcrest Rec. Center, 11/4/2002
National Night Out, 8/6/2002
New DMV Center Opens in Penn-Branch, 2/6/2002
The Olympic Torch comes through Hillcrest, 12/21/2001
Cleanup and Garden Planting at Erie St & Branch Ave, SE, 12/1/2001
Fire Hydrant Painting, 11/10/2001
Call Box Painting, 8/26/2001
National Night Out, 8/7/2001
8th Annual Hillcrest Garden Tour, 7/7/2001
Walk through of Penn. Ave with Mayor Williams, 6/21/2001
Hillcrest Drive Cleanup, 4/14/2001
Hillcrest and Naylor Gardens Neighborhood Cleanup, 3/31/2001
Francis Gregory Library Annual Chili Cook-off 2001, 3/17/2001
Southeast White House Open House, 11/18/2000
Ward 7 Seniors Luncheon, 11/17/2000
Fox 5 News Coverage of Hillcrest, 9/6/2000
National Night Out, 8/1/2000
7th Annual Hillcrest Garden Tour, 6/24/2000
Ward 7 Community Health Forum, 4/15/2000
Hillcrest Neighborhood Cleanup, 4/8/2000
Early Hillcrest Garden Tours, 1992-1997